Julia Allen, Chapter Two
…Life is full of new Beginnings…

Welcome to my blog and thank you for visiting.

We all spend a lifetime defining and discovering who we are. Some are lucky enough to find insights and inspiration at an early age, filling the pages of their lives with purpose and direction. Some spend years drafting and re-drafting their stories before stumbling upon a happily ever after. And some of us are forced, by the vicissitudes of life, to end the first chapter with a bang and a flourish or perhaps a whimper and a sigh, and to start chapter two with a new portfolio of abilities.

This blog is about my chapter two.

I hope you find some things of interest in these pages where I plan to post articles and other writings. And I hope to hear from you about your own stories and experiences. Everyone’s life is touched by great joys and tragedies, how we face these events and the choices we make define who we are. If you would like to know a little more about my life, click Julia.

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